At Advance GardenRooms, it is our goal to provide you with simple to install, maintenance free projects for your backyard and garden. All of our kits come pre cut and ready to install. No cutting or fitting is required.

All of our pergolas are fabricated of pultruded fiberglass. These are proudly manufactured in the US. Fiberglass is pound by pound stronger than steel, yet weighs around 75% less than steel shapes and about 30% less than aluminum shapes. And, you can span up to 22′ with no structural support or reinforcing beam, unlike vinyl pergolas. Also, due to the high heat distortion resistance, they can be used around an outdoor summer kitchen without any concerns. There is no worry of rot or insects, and there is no contraction / expansion of this material throughout the seasons. With our engineered coatings, we are able to match any existing color on your home or outbuildings. We are able to meet Miami Dade wind codes if needed.  Our end details/rafter tail designs are integrated into the hard fiberglass material and not a cheap snap on type like vinyl/plastic or aluminum versions. Plus, no denting as with aluminum. These covers carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Our Greenhouses-
Our Greenhouses are built from maintenance free aluminum. We are able to build these as stand alone greenhouses or as lean to attached greenhouses. They come in a curved or straight eave configuration. Our glazing is single or double tempered glass, or twinwall or 5 wall polycarbonate sheets. Our standard frame colors are white, brown or green, but we are able to match any custom color you may need. These greenhouses are rated for 32 psf snow load and 85 mph wind load as a standard unit. We are able to upgrade to meet the highest wind or snow loads which may be required.

Clear or Translucent Patio Covers
Would you love to cover your patio so you can use it during all of the seasons? Are you concerned that it will cut down on the light in your house? Then our patio cover is the perfect solution. Our 16mm sheets will block harmful UV rays without blocking natural sunlight. The framing is a heavy duty aluminum system. These systems are built to last. The sheets have a 30 year warranty against weathering and the framing system is expected to last every bit as long.

Beautify your outdoor spaces with one of our products today.

Tempered Glass Greenhouse

Aluminum Framed Greenhouses are Available with Tempered Glass or Polycarbonate